Privacy Policy

This page explains the policy and procedures of this site regarding how it handles users' personal information. The site values users' information significantly and does its utmost to respect and protect that information.

Information Collection

This site collects minimal information during users' visits and usage. The collected information can include the type of device and browser the user uses to access the site, IP address, services used, and usage time. This information, which does not directly identify individuals, is used for the smooth operation of the site and service improvement. The information is anonymized and utilized for user behavior analysis, service improvement through statistical methods, etc.

Log Data

This site automatically collects log data due to web server functionality, and uses it for site operation, usage pattern analysis, and service improvement when necessary. The following are detailed explanations of the key elements of log data and their purposes:

  • IP Address: The IP address is a unique address identifying devices connected to the internet. This information is used to estimate the approximate location of the user, resolve server problems, and maintain site security.
  • Browser Type and Version: This information is necessary to verify compatibility with the user's web browser and to respond when problems occur. It also helps provide an optimized experience for users of certain browsers.
  • Visited Pages: This information tracks which pages on the site the user has visited. It helps to identify popular pages and analyze what information users are looking for.
  • Visit Time and Date: This information is used to understand the site's visit patterns and identify peak times, which helps manage server load and optimize site performance.
  • Time Spent on the Page: This information tracks how long users stay on each page, which helps evaluate the interest and usefulness of the page and identify necessary improvements.


This site uses a technology called 'cookies' to provide personalized services, enhance user experience, and understand visitors' usage patterns. Cookies are small files stored on the user's computer hard drive, tracking user activity and preference settings.

The use of cookies depends not only on the intention of the website operator but also on the policy of the web browser. The site understands user preferences through cookies and provides a personalized experience. However, users can allow, reject, or delete cookies through their web browser settings. How the browser manages cookies varies according to each browser manufacturer's policy. Therefore, the use of cookies is determined by the site operator's intention, the web browser's policy, and the user's choice.

Email Information

When users leave a comment, we optionally collect their email address. This email address is for the purpose of commenting, and it is not used for user identification or unauthorized contact. This email information is securely stored in the database but is not individually used. Learn More

Information Use

The information collected on the site is mainly used to improve site quality and user experience. It helps understand users' usage patterns and improve the content or structure of the site accordingly. For instance, activities are conducted to identify which pages are popular with users and which pages are not easily found.

In addition, this site does not use collected information for purposes such as marketing, advertising, and sales. Personal information is not sold or shared with third parties. The primary purpose of information collection is to provide an optimized environment for users and to improve the quality of the site and user experience. User personal information is collected minimally, and such information is entirely anonymized and not used to identify individuals.

Advertising and User Consent Management

This site uses a consent management platform (CMP) certified by Google to provide suitable advertisements to users, particularly to users in the EEA and UK. This system provides personalized advertisements with users' consent, thereby ensuring that the advertisements users receive are relevant to their interests. Users can withdraw or change this consent at any time.

Personal Information Security

This site uses various security technologies and procedures to protect users' personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, modification, destruction, or damage. This includes technical measures such as encryption, access restrictions, and backup, as well as organizational measures such as employee training, security policy establishment, and security audits. However, the protection of information on the internet is not absolute, so users should also take necessary measures to protect their own information.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to change. When policy changes are needed, the changed policy will be posted on this page, and if necessary, users will be notified of this through notifications. Users are recommended to visit this page regularly to check the latest Privacy Policy. This policy contains important information about users' rights and obligations and how the site uses and protects users' information.


If you have any questions or concerns about the Privacy Policy, please contact us.